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Use Your Senses to Help with Pain: Kinesthetic Sense

October 19th, 2015 · No Comments

How can our senses increase the positive in our lives? Today is: Kinesthetic Sense

Kinesthetic sense is our body awareness, our ability to sense where our body is in space as well as our sense of movement. When I think of how our sense of our bodies can help us, I think of beautiful movement such as dance or yoga. I also think that all sorts of effortless movement can help bring back freedom and joy. Activities such as ice skating, swinging in a swing, rolling down a hillside, skipping along, bicycling – those things that you laughed while doing as a child.

When in pain, we often start to dislike our bodies. Can you think of things you could do with your body that would bring you joy?

Your assignment: Each day, do 1 thing with your body that makes you smile!

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