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Enjoy the Happiness of Others

June 15th, 2015 · No Comments

I invite you to try a new practice each week. To enjoy life more, you can decrease the negative or increase the positive. Unfortunately for those of us with chronic pain, we sometimes can’t lower that negative experience. So these practices will be designed to increase the positive!

If there are challenges in your life and more negative things going on than usual, what’s a way to balance that with positive experiences? Look to others. It’s called “empathic happiness.” Imagine it’s happening to you or be just as happy for someone else as you would be for yourself. Call up those feelings of warmth, happiness and gratitude inside yourself.

Your Invitation: Celebrate what’s going well for your family and friends – even for strangers. Bask in your own positive feelings, deepyly feeling the joy of someone else’s good experiences.

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