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Medications for Pain Series: Muscle Relaxants

May 27th, 2014 · No Comments

This article is one in a series on Medications for Pain. What are your choices? How do various medications work? Pros and cons? How about side effects?

Muscle Relaxants are drugs which help muscles relax and prevent muscle spasms. Common medications include Zanaflex and Baclofen.

Some medications such anticonvulsants and antidepressants can directly reduce pain. Most muscle relaxants work indirectly on pain, although Baclofen may also have direct pain-reducing effects. There are many categories of muscle relaxants, all working on different neurotransmitter systems in the body. We think of muscle relaxants as supplemental medications for pain, rather than primary ones.

Uses of Muscle Relaxants:
Muscle relaxants are used in conditions where these symptoms are a problem:

  • muscle tension
  • muscle spasm
  • dystonia (severe, long-lasting spasm)

These symptoms can occur in pain disorders such as chronic back pain and CRPS.

Side Effects:
Side effects include sedation and weakness.

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