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Book Review: Knock Out Headaches

January 14th, 2013 · No Comments

We all have the occasional headache – maybe we’re tense and stressed, maybe we’re too tired, maybe we had a bit too much wine. But for some, headaches are more complex and painful. This book is for you if you’re beyond the “every once in a while” stage.


This book is written by a general medicine doctor, and this shows in the well-rounded treatment headaches receive in the book. This is an excellent overview of the types of headache and treatments for each. However, it goes beyond being just information you can read. It is an interactive workbook to help you gather information about your headaches and work with your doctor to get better treatment.

Dr. Ruoff provides a comprehensive list of treatments for headaches. This is crucial as there are many ways to help get headaches under control. Sections on diet, posture, relaxation, yoga, meditation, vitamins, etc, are included. As well, it includes logs and charts to gather and evaluate your own personal history, and then be able to see what is helping and what isn’t. Dr. Ruoff also includes sections on working with your physician to get the best treatment – by working together.

Knocking Out Headaches is an excellent workbook for those with headaches.

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