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How To Cope When Your Life’s Disrupted By Illness

August 4th, 2008 · No Comments

You’ve just turned 90 years old. You now have to wear glasses, take an aspirin each day, and you just can’t bungee-jump like you did at 89. Unfortunate, but not unexpected, right? However, what if you’re in grade school and already you’ve:

  • been diagnosed with asthma
  • had more hospitalizations than the number of years old you are
  • been diagnosed with arthritis
  • had ear-nose-and-throat surgeries every year, and more

This was the start of Laurie Edward’s life, and her medical saga has continued. She’s now 27. She chronicles her experience in her new book Life Disrupted: Getting Real About Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties. It’s a great read! Life Disrupted is not just a medical drama – unclear diagnoses and life-threatening illnesses – though that’s in there. It’s a look inside at how someone copes and thrives with serious chronic illness. Laurie talks about many aspects of living with illness, including:

  • managing your health and health care without it taking over your life
  • how to have a full life despite chronic illness (relationships, work and hobbies)
  • living with an invisible illness
  • talking with others about your illness
  • how illness affects your relationships

The book is written in an engaging style. Laurie’s a truly gifted writer – and is often humorous. You can read how she’s almost unable to breathe, but is trying to correct just one more student paper. How she’s debating about Easy Spirit practical shoes, while her friends are enjoying Sex and the City Manolos.

I’d recommend this book to all who have a chronic illness, or know someone who does. You’ll learn how someone else deals with the problems of illness, and may pick up some tips. You’ll also see someone else’s struggles, and feel less isolated. Laurie is a role model for living fully despite challenges, and Life Disrupted is a gift to us.

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