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Keep Going Despite Pain and Challenges

June 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Nickie Coby has written an inspirational book, Nickie’s Nook: Sharing the Journey.

Nickie, a college student, is the author at Nickie’s Nook, a blog about her experience with pain, sight-impairment and living. I found her book really interesting and enjoyable to read. It talks about her pain condition (RSD), how she copes, and the challenges she experiences because of pain. Nickie is also blind, and she relates what that experience is like, too.

Having had severe pain myself, I’m always curious about someone else’s pain experience, seeing how they deal with the challenge of pain. My sight, at least with glasses, is fine, so reading about the challenges of sight-impairment was an eye-opener (no pun intended).

Nickie writes about the challenges of coping with pain and blindness and functioning fully in our society, attending college, working with her guide dog, independence and interdependence (great writing), and spirituality. As a physician and blogger, I was also interested in her chapters on access to both healthcare and the web for people with disabilities.

When someone is challenged in some way by disabilities, there’s a risk in describing the person’s story as inspiring, because it can seem condescending. So I hope that’s not what I’m communicating between the lines here. I was truly struck by Nickie’s courage and perseverance. And the book was a fun read – humorous and engaging.

I’d recommend the book to anyone interested in these topics. Stop over at her blog, too – lots of great reading there, as well. Thanks, Nickie, for writing your book as well as sharing it with How to Cope with Pain!

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