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Welcome to How to Cope with Pain, a resource for those with chronic pain, their families and friends, and for those who treat patients with chronic pain. You’ll find a wide range of information related to pain, including medical, psychological, and psychiatric information. As pain can affect all areas of life, I also address work and relationship issues, improving functioning, and spiritual issues.

My goals for this website include:

  1. To decrease pain as much as possible
  2. To decrease suffering
  3. To improve functioning – to live fully despite pain

I hope you find your visit valuable. As with any medical information, please discuss with your physician anything from this website that you’d like to add to your treatment.  You agree to read and abide by the disclaimer when you use this website.

I’m a Board Certified Psychiatrist, now retired, who practiced for over 30 years in Pennsylvania. My guiding principle in practicing as a physician was to help patients in all areas of their lives – medical, psychological and spiritual. Chronic pain is a challenge to your spirit, but a challenge that can always be faced and your situation improved.

I also know the challenge of chronic pain first-hand, having experienced a chronic pain condition myself for many years. Thankfully, my situation has improved, though is hasn’t been cured. I used my personal understanding of what it’s like to live with chronic pain in my work as a pain management physician.

Thanks for visiting!