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Entries from March 2009

Book Review: Perfect Breathing

March 18th, 2009 · Comments Off on Book Review: Perfect Breathing

A colleague Al Lee recently sent me a copy of his new book Perfect Breathing. What a great book! When I heard that Perfect Breathing was coming out, I wondered what about breathing could possibly fill a whole book. I was afraid it was going to be about 20 pages, in, let’s say, 100 point […]

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Why Isn’t Everyone Using New Treatments?

March 6th, 2009 · Comments Off on Why Isn’t Everyone Using New Treatments?

A reader Barbara asks why new treatments such as graded motor imagery and mirror therapy aren’t more widely used. She writes: Are you, I mean all these docs, saying that chronic pain can be cured by these treatments? By cured , I mean stopping the constant pain and returning function. If this is true and you’re talking about […]

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